Weddings are as much about being colourful as they are about exchanging vows. You want your event to be colourful in all ways – glorious outfits, beautiful people, and flowers all over.

Still, you can be more creative and extend the decoration of your reception venue beyond the ordinary. And no, you don’t have to substantially increase an already ballooning budget to achieve that. You can do this yourself or share that tip with your wedding planner. All you need is to have Wallpassion as your friend in that endeavour.

Wallpassion is an online art shop that sells a variety of wallpaper themes that can be used to create an awesome look in your wedding or reception venue. The wallpapers vary in style and colour; there’s something for everyone’s taste. The site is always offering sale prices which can go as high as 60% off. If you’d like to add a tinge of your own handiwork to the wallpapers, you can get paint from them too.

Such wallpapers are cheaper and easier to work with than actual painting of the wall. They enable you to create your desired theme with ease and can be removed once the event is over without damaging the existing paint.

You’ll love them so much you might even consider doing the same decoration for other weddings at a fee. It never hurts to add a little creativity and go beyond the ordinary. If your wedding bells are ringing, adding these wallpapers is the surest way to add a little flavour to your event!