Just because you’re attending a wedding doesn’t mean you leave your vape being. All you need to ensure you respect the couple’s big day and the comfort of all the guests is vaping etiquette. Let’s look at some guidelines to follow when vaping at a wedding.

Ask for Permission

Before you even consider vaping at a wedding, ask the event organisers if it’s acceptable. Some venues may have strict policies against vaping indoors or in certain areas. It is important to familiarise yourself with the venue’s vaping rules. You may be pleased to find that they offer a designated smoking or vaping area, so be sure to use these areas if provided.

Be Discreet

If vaping is allowed and you’re in a designated area, then be discreet. Try to vape away from the main crowd so you don’t draw attention away from the wedding ceremony or reception. And that’s where Elf bar vape comes in. Thanks to its fast-charging and long-lasting battery, this product is perfect if you’re on the go. It is also great for vapers who want a device that is compact and easy to use.

Be Mindful of Others

Be aware of non-vapers and their preferences. Some people have allergies or sensitivities to vaping aerosols. If anyone expresses discomfort, be ready to adjust your vaping behaviour or move to a more secluded area.

Avoid Cloud-Chasing

Cloud-chasing involves creating massive vape clouds, which can be disruptive and distracting. Opt for a low-profile device with less vapour output if you want to vape at the wedding. Is Elf bar vape equal to the task? The answer is yes.

Don’t Vape During Key Moments

Avoid vaping during crucial wedding moments, such as the ceremony, speeches, or first dances. It’s important to maintain respect and attention during these moments.

Dispose of Waste Properly

Don’t litter or leave vape-related trash, such as empty e-liquid bottles or used pods, around the venue. Use proper receptacles for disposal.