One of the most significant decisions, once you've decided to get married, is what you're going to wear. When it comes to the wedding dress, this can

One of the most significant decisions, once you’ve decided to get married, is what you’re going to wear. When it comes to the wedding dress, this can be a big deal. Nowadays, there are tons of options for whatever budget, colour, length, style, or fabric you want to work with.

  • Rented

At stores such as Tradesy, you can rent your dress along with shoes and accessories for your wedding day, meaning you can be head to toe in glamour without the hefty price tag. This is an excellent idea for those brides looking for a one-day show-stopper on a budget, or those not wanting another unnecessary purchase hanging in their wardrobe unused.

  • Non-traditional

The less traditional, the lower the price tag often is. The usual floor-length white gowns boasting today’s styles will be everywhere, and retailers will be cashing in on them. The less traditional, such as knee-length, non-white, long-sleeved, non-boned, casual, or even everyday dress you can buy from large department stores will save you pounds without compromising on what you want.

  • Online vs in-store

If you’ve found a deal online, or just a dress which you can’t find anywhere else, sometimes that’s the best way to go. The drawback of online is obviously not being able to try it on, so it’s a good idea to try similar designs in store first. Figure out your size, where things fit and where they are tighter or looser, which colours, sleeve lengths, hem lengths, and materials suit you best. The benefit of in-store try-ons is the staff are there to help you every step of the way, so use them!

  • Designer

If you’re looking for a designer, there are plenty of options you can opt for. All those designer dresses on the runway? They end up at sample sales, so find your nearest one to have a rummage through for a big bargain. Places like Previously Owned and Borrowing Magnolia will also have designer dresses.

  • Custom

If you want something that’s truly just for you and one of a kind, go custom-made. You can find a tailor to create the dress of your dreams which fits you like a glove and uses the material, style, sleeve-length, gown length, and all these little extra details that you want. Going custom means that if you need any further alterations just before the big day, your tailor will know exactly how to fix it for you. And it’s often not as expensive as many of the other options, unlike what people think.

Still, have no idea what you really want? Before exploring your options, pick up a bridal magazine or peruse online and go into some shops to see what kind of thing is for you.