It's the big day! You've been stressing and planning for this for months, maybe even a couple of years and now it's finally here. Here are some tips t

It’s the big day! You’ve been stressing and planning for this for months, maybe even a couple of years and now it’s finally here. Here are some tips to make sure you have the best day you possibly can and enjoy every single second of it, now that the planning is over.

  • Enjoy the last night

Indulge yourself on your last night. Allow yourself just to do nothing, whether it’s taking a long bath, reading a book, hanging out with your friends, or watching some TV. Do something which completely relaxes you and think about the wedding as little as you can.

  • Sleep

After your relaxing night, go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep, if you can. This may be tricky, which is why the unwinding part is so important. Do whatever it takes to help you such as drinking some warm milk, a glass of wine, or inhaling some soothing scents.

  • Eat

On the big day, your stomach might be in knots, and you’ll be tempted to skip breakfast and food altogether, but that’s a big mistake. Line your stomach, even if it’s with something small, to make sure you don’t pass out at a crucial moment! The simple act of chewing can calm your nerves and your mind, too.

  • Time

Don’t rush anything, and give yourself more time than you think you need, like for getting ready with your bridal party. You want plenty of wiggle room in the timing and if you have lots to spare, use it as an opportunity to get some more photos in.

  • Bridal kit

Every bride needs a little emergency kit which she can carry discreetly. Yours might be filled with tissues, a vial with some calming scents in it, tablets for nausea or sickness, or a personal memento.

  • Take mental snapshots

If you’re in a particular moment, take a mental picture as a couple so you can step outside the day and appreciate what’s going on, and everybody who is there for you. It’ll help you look back later and reflect.

  • Enjoy your music

You likely spent hours compiling the perfect playlist or picking the best band, so get on the dance floor and enjoy it!

  • Trust your planning and enjoy

The time for preparation is over and the time for enjoying is now. It may feel like you want just to tweak and improve a few things here and there, but just trust in your planning and let it ride out. Anything which doesn’t quite go to plan wasn’t meant to be (and probably won’t be a huge deal anyway). The biggest regret most couples have on their big day is worrying too much and not enjoying enough, so take their advice!