It is important that the wedding day fits the couple’s dreams of their most important day. However, sometimes there might be issues that the couple or the wedding planner needs to work around. If the wanted venue does not correspond to the requested theme, there are ways to fit them together. Introduce some existing pieces of furniture to your wedding and use rugs to create a more intimate feel or to separate different areas of the venue. You can also create a lavish wedding with a relatively small price tag. Make use of what you own or purchase pieces that you can use later at your home.

Use Pieces That You Love

Be it large or small, it is essential to set up a budget for the wedding. It is easier to work out the details when you have a set amount to use. To save money and make the wedding more personal, the couple’s own pieces of furniture can be used. Bring a loveseat from home for the couple to sit on or hang a picture wall with paintings or photographs gathered from the friends and relatives.

If new pieces need to be purchased, it is best to get some that you can also use after the event. Beautiful rugs are multifunctional and, most importantly, beautiful addition to a lounge or a bedroom. You can purchase kilim rugs for the ceremony and use them at home as treasured mementoes of your special day. They also make great wedding presents either to your spouse or to give to the married couple.

Create the Look You Want

Large venues may have a great look but seem rather cold and impersonal. This can be cured by using large rugs either throughout the venue or at specific spots of the room. Create different areas with rugs to pull guests to the bar or use this floor covering under the newly-weds table to make it stand out from the rest of the tables. Set the perfect tone for the wedding, and you will be happy to look back on the most important day of your life.