It is not uncommon for the bride to have different ideas than the groom’s when it comes to the wedding plans. This can be stressful but if the couple can come to the point where they agree to disagree, along with some compromises, then usually the differences can be resolved.

Differences of Opinions

Most couples will have differences of opinions and some of these are important issues like those that affect their health. For example, the woman may feel like she wants to enhance her appearance. She may want to do this by having breast implants. The man in her life may feel that this is not necessary. As long as the woman is relying on trustworthy resources such as Motiva then he should be content to let her reach this decision on her own. She may want to have this procedure done prior to her wedding day so she can look picture-perfect for that special day. There are most likely less important things that the soon-to-be-wed couple will disagree upon and some of these issues may be with the wedding day itself.

Some Common Disagreements

Often part of what can lead to some of the wedding day disagreements is the jitters that start long before the actual day. It isn’t always the bride and groom that disagree either. Sometimes there can be really unusual circumstances that can create disagreements.

  • The meddlers: The inlaws on both sides can often be the cause of a disagreement. The bride may be okay with her parent’s input, but the groom is not impressed.
  • The cost: This is a very common cause of some heated arguments among the couple. For the bride, it is one of the most important days of her life. However, the groom many tend to be more conservative as to what amount of money they want to spend.
  • The guest list: Some couples end up fighting over who should be on the guest list. The bride may want to stick to family members and very close friends. The groom, on the other hand, may wants to celebrate his special day with all of his buddies.


The important thing is not to let these squabbles interfere with the wedding event. Trying to sort them and compromising where possible is one approach. Then just deciding to agree to disagree will take the sting out of the arguments.