When it comes to the wedding day every couple wants it to be perfect. Their idea of perfect however can differ greatly compared to other couples. Perfect often means unique while at the same time many still want to incorporate some of the traditional wedding basics. These usually consist of the ceremony, the reception and then followed by the honeymoon. These are the categories where many soon to be wed couples move out of the traditional wedding features.

The Ceremony

For those who are going to follow tradition, then they will usually decide on a house of worship for their ceremony that is compliant with the religion of the bride and groom. Then for those who are going to go non-traditional many have come up with some really unique ideas. Often it will centre around something that the couple is passionate about. For example for sports enthusiasts instead of getting married in their church, they will choose a sports setting as the backdrop for sharing their vows. Perhaps for skiers, this could take place at the top of their favourite ski slope. While this may be a good idea it may not be all that easy to plan for when it comes to the guests. For the small wedding venue, however, it could be a very unique wedding ceremony.

The Attire

When one thinks of the traditional bride and groom and their attire, the classic white wedding gown for her and the tux for him is what comes to mind. The modern-day bride and groom looking for something unique have stepped away from this tradition. There are some brides that still want a little of the traditional white wedding attire but from there they will use their imagination. Going from the classic ball gown style to very alluring mermaid styles that can be quite revealing. Or going in the opposite direction and opting for a white lacey pantsuit. Then when it comes to the shoes what has grown in popularity is the wearing of sneakers. This may be for the purposes of comfort or just making a fashion statement outside of the norm.

The Venue

Almost anything goes when it comes to the non-traditional wedding venue. There are some couples who are avid scuba divers who have held their reception at unusual places like aquarium venues or at the beach. Some have even exchanged their vows among the sharks.

Aside from the changes to the customary ceremony, attire and venue some couples have created uniqueness by adding different forms of entertainment to their reception. For the guests, this can be quite an amazing experience and a big change from the standard wedding.

While it can be fun to plan the non-traditional wedding it still has to be practical for the guests who will be attending.